About Us

My daughter, Evelyn, started drawing when she was very young (she is now 17).  Her passion for dinosaurs led her to create intricately detailed, precise pencil drawings of many species of dinosaurs.  She showed me one of her drawings a few years ago and I took it upon myself to advertise her drawing on Facebook Marketplace to see if there would be any interest in her work...long story short, the response was overwhelming.  So we started to advertise a few more of her dinosaur drawings and soon enough, she had a few orders.  Winter hit, and we decided to put everything on hold.  Then, this Spring I advertised again and the response once again was incredible.  She was noticed by a local paper and interviewed about her work.  Since then she has created even more species and even started colorizing each original pencil drawing with a digital colorizing program.  Color prints are definitely a hit, but black & white are actual reproductions of her original pencil drawings.  The Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta Canada (largest  and most comprehensive Dinosaur museum in Canada) has shown interest in her work...WOW!  Thank you so much for visiting our store, we continue to learn social media and add products, we hope you enjoy everything that Evelyn has created.


  • To always strive to produce a beautiful finished product.
  • We are environmentally friendly.
  • We are passionate about our daughter's future career in art and hopefully advertising and selling her artwork will allow her to build confidence and save money towards her future post secondary education.